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Kiko Inc. Services - The System Transformation Framework

Kiko Inc. operates under the system transformation framework, which consists of three transformation components: Technology, Data, and Application.  While the this framework may seem typical for all IT projects, Kiko Inc. differentiates itself by giving the appropriate consideration and attention to where it is often lacking - DATA.



Data Transformation Solutions

In this information age, when quality data and data design are critical to strategic business processes, Kiko Inc. has developed a model to minimize the risks in managing data while maximizing data's value.  Oftentimes, it may seem that data is the only gremlin in an otherwise successful project or system.  For example, data processing may be slowing down and affecting the entire system.  Or, application development of a new system may have progressed flawlessly until testing, where converted data has produced errors.  Or, the system may perform exactly as users required, but now they need it to share data with other systems.

"An error detected in the testing phase can cost up to 100 times more to correct than the same error found in the design phase"  The Quality Assurance Institute

With Kiko Inc.'s Data Transformation Model, these occurrences are minimized and mitigated because appropriate due diligence is performed during the preparation, analysis, and design phases.  The data itself is also analyzed for its current and potential value and usefulness from the very beginning.  This model has been incorporated into Kiko Inc.'s Data Transformation Solutions such as:

  • Data Warehousing

  • Database Development

  • Legacy Migrations

  • Systems Integrations

For more information on Data Transformation Solutions, click here.

System Transformation Support Services 

Kiko Inc. also offers staffing/support services for technology, data, and/or  application transformation activities.  Our staff of dedicated and highly skilled employees offers an impressive combination of functional and technical expertise that can be applied to the entire project life cycle.



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