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Data Transformation Solutions

In this information age, quality data and data design are essential to decision-making and gaining competitive advantage.  Information is worthless if the data that produces it is inaccurate or missing.  Likewise to a certain extent, the tools and applications that manipulate data to become meaningful information are only as responsive and capable as the data model allows them to be.  Thus, where previously the emphasis of most system transformation projects have been divided between the technology and application, Kiko Inc. has developed solutions that give appropriate focus on data.

The key to Kiko Inc.'s success in data transformation is our Data Transformation Model, which enhances standard software development life cycle (SDLC) processes with a complete series of data transformations activities.  Its comprehensive approach in the preparation, analysis, and design phases minimizes the typical risks and problems of IT projects, particularly those uncovered in the later phases when options for resolution are much more time-consuming and expensive.  An additional advantage to Kiko Inc.'s approach is that despite the attention to detail, the project timeframe does not suffer.  Besides preventing time-consuming fixes, Kiko Inc.'s Data Transformation Model has other methods to accelerate the data conversion process.

Below is Kiko Inc.'s high-level approach to providing data transformation solutions.



Less sophisticated approaches simplify the data transformation process to the traditional "data conversion," proceeding directly to Development and Execution stages.  On the other hand, Kiko Inc.'s holistic approach  ensures a full understanding of the business and data, as well as collaboration between all system transformation tracks: technology, data, and application.


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